Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Closet Make-overs

Welcome to week 3 of the New Year's Organization Revolution!

I have been working hard this last week on this week's challenge - Closets! In fact, I was able to tackle not one, but TWO closets in my house!

The first was my bedroom closet, where my husband and I store the majority of our clothes. It was in a state, to be sure!

The biggest problem was that it was full of clothes I no longer wear. Over the last year, I've managed to lose 40 lbs, dropping in size from a 20-22 (gotta love those UK sizings to make you feel bigger!) down to a 14-16, so most of the clothes I had were now way too big. So the first thing I really had to do was go through every item, double-check the size, and sort it to give away. In the end, I took FIVE bags of clothes, purses, belts and shoes to local charity shops. You'll only see three bags in the picture below, but the fifth bag was equal to, if not bigger, than the largest bag in the photo!

Sadly, I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the over-stuffed closet! But here it is, half-way through the process, after I had taken out all the unwanted clothes, but before I had done much of anything else. You can see it is still in need of a great deal of work, especially moving that mostly empty plastic trunk out and dealing with the giant pile of shoes just dumped on the floor.

The giant pile of shoes... I sorted through it all, throwing out the ones that were in a really bad state and cleaning up the rest. Several pairs went in the bags to the charity shop, too.

I ended up pulling absolutely everything out of the closet, giving it a full vacuum, then returning some of the storage boxes we had in there (we invested in these great white boxes a few years ago when we moved back to Bermuda from the UK).  Smaller boxes went on the top of the closet, while the Hurricane Supplies box stayed on the floor.

I also shifted the clothes around. Because of the Hurricane Supplies box being on one side, my dresses didn't hang well, so I switched sides with my husband, all while keeping my sons' school uniforms between our stuff. (Long story short, I prefer to keep the uniforms in my closet to keep them from getting messed up!)

So here it is - plenty of space on top for storing more stuff! Although I'd still like to get a little shelf or shoe box to go in there for storing all the shoes.

 I also cleaned out the storage closet off our master bathroom. This is a really huge walk-in closet that we use predominantly for storing things we don't use every day, like suitcases and Christmas decorations. Sadly, it too was in a bad state and desperate for clearing out cobwebs and vacuuming. Again, everything came out and every plastic box got a wipe-down to clean away the dust and dirt that always accumulates. Again, I got so 'excited' about the work, that I was part-way into the task before I even remembered to take a photo!

After cleaning everything, I even went through some of the boxes (some of which had never been 'unpacked' after moving 2-1/2 years ago!), and found more stuff that could either be put in its rightful place, given away, or even thrown away. In the end, I found that I had three boxes that were empty, ready to be used for something else!

After all the cleaning and sorting, everything was put back, but this time in a manner that I think is so much more useful. Smaller suitcases, wheel-aboards and duffles were stored inside the full-size suitcases, and the computer boxes we had been keeping forthe Wii, my laptop and our Mac Mini were all stored inside one of those empty plastic containers. Each box also got a label, so that when I'm looking for stuff, I know which box is which!

The stack of containers with their labels:

In fact, I loved the labels so much, that I created more to go on the few storage boxes in my clothes closet! I designed them using the digital scrapbooking kit, "Life is Beautiful" by Sweet Digi Scraps. (You can buy it HERE.) Here's a closer look at the labels:

Be sure to check out the rest of the closets in the New Year's Organization Revolution Week 3 Challenge and vote for me! Voting begins on Friday at 6am PST and ends at midday (PST) on Sunday - you can vote at I'm An Organizing Junkie.

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  1. I've noticed that the numbers change, but I didn't realize that the ones with the most votes go to the top. That doesn't seem fair as those are the ones that it would seem are most likely to get visited anyway.

    1. Thanks for checking it out... Last week, it changed, but this week, so far it hasn't... don't get it either, but that's the software, I guess!