Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kitchen Clean-Up

I really didn't think I'd get anything done this week in the New Year's Organization Revolution challenge - I've been sick for over a week with, the flu, I guess, and then strep (possibly) on top of it. Still, somehow, I managed to break the task down piece by piece, all while conscripting help from the family.

My kitchen was in need of a deep clean and some re-organization. You know how it is. You, of course, manage to keep up with the regular daily stuff (dishes, counters, stove top), but you don't actually get the chance to pull everything out of the cupboards and wash things down inside and out. Well, that was a big part of my job this week. And with pulling everything out, you, of course, have to turn around and put everything back in again.

As you can see, my cupboards were a mess, especially where we keep our plastic storage containers (see 4th photo).

But EVERYTHING came out. Some of my glass baking dishes even got washed because they hadn't been used in so long (not to mention the need to safely put in all the NEW glass dishes I got from my sister for Christmas - Thank you, Debs!) The cabinets were cleaned inside and out, and everything was reorganized before being put back in.

The baking stuff was especially bad, with things just tossed up into that top cupboard, but now I can find everything.

DH had found those wire shelves in a closet not to long ago, and they were added about a month or so ago, but the cans were all just tossed in there, willy-nilly - now they're sorted by kind.
My pantry cupboard was equally bad with a whole bunch of other stuff up there too. That stuff has been moved to a mostly empty cupboard that is a little harder to access, because they aren't used very often, and everything was reorganized on the two shelves.
Pots and pans and metal bakeware also got a tidy up. In fact, as I do regular cooking far more often than baking, I shifted the shelves, so it's easier to grab pots and pans when I'm cooking without having to get down on my hands and knees.
And that plastic cupboard... HUGE DIFFERENCE!
My kitchen counters were also quite cluttered - check out the before and after....


One of the BEST parts of my kitchen clean-up was our fridge. We rent our apartment, and the fridge is old - it works great - but signs of age were wearing through. No matter what you did, the front of it looked perpetually filthy, simply because the rust was seeping through the paint on the front.

On top of all that, it was COVERED in crazy magnets belonging to my kids - Angry Birds, football (soccer), Egyptian pharaohs and these weird fruit face things - as well as all those standard travel magnets people have, some of which were broken. I really wish I had taken a before photo of this fridge.

Fortunately, I was able to talk my DH into painting the fridge front - a simple coat of Rust-Oleum Specialty Appliance Epoxy in white covered up all those unsightly rust stains. Even my kids say the fridge looks like new again!

Of course, while the collectable magnets can stay (at least the ones that aren't broken! - those went in the bin), the kids magnets have been banned. I might end up making a magnetic board for the kids to play with down the road, though....

And to crown the fridge, I've been able to set up a family organization centre on the side of the fridge! I picked up a great calendar from, the "2013 Mom's Home Plan It" wall calendar. Sadly, they've sold out of this awesome calendar, but here's a link to it on Amazon. It comes with the magnets built in to hold it to the fridge and features a pocket for storing notes and stickers for using on the calendar, as well as a magnetic wipe-board.

I also have a magnetic notepad, extra magnets, a photo of my boys and clip magnets. I still hope to add a pen cup, though!

As is typical with me, the job is still not done! Still on the to-do list for the kitchen includes a clearing off of our table, which is our family's personal dumping ground, and hubby has promised to put a shelf in under the kitchen sink to help better organize the cleaning stuff - lots of good things to come!


Check out the "I'm an Organizing Junkie" page and do a search for "Sara Westhead - Kitchen Clean-Up". Voting runs from Friday, Jan. 11 to Sunday, Jan. 13.


  1. Great job! Your kitchen looks amazing.I love your command center on the side of the fridge. I would give my right eye tooth to have a fridge I could hang stuff on.

    1. Thanks so much - the command center is in the perfect spot, too - you HAVE to pass it to go in and out of the kitchen, which is the main door we use in our house!

  2. I like your fridge-front organizing! So many "experts" say to have nothing on your fridge, but I don't agree and use mine for certain charts and magnets.