Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Very British Birthday Party

Just a few weeks ago, my hubby hit the big 5-0!

To celebrate, my sons and I decided to throw him a big birthday party.

The first question was - where to have it.

Last year, I had won a photography contest at The Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo through their Facebook page and the prize was the use of the aquarium hall for a private function! Awesome, right?!?! So, last Saturday night, we invited close friends and family to join us for light refreshments, chatter, and private views of the different tanks for a few hours.

It was originally planned to be a surprise, but knowing how impossible it was going to be to simply get him somewhere at some strange time, we decided to tell him, but we did keep most of the details a secret.

Being that hubby is a Brit, my boys knew that the best theme for the night was "Keep Calm & Carry On", using Union Jack's for decorations. And thanks to my sister-in-law, who went shopping and sent stuff from the UK, we had a ton of stuff to use to decorate with!

Hopefully, you'll get an idea of what it looked like (and yes, that's me!!!)

We even made, in addition to 4 dozen cupcakes (which we're STILL eating), this adorable Union Jack layer cake. The layers were all red, white and blue, and the decoration is red Twizzlers and blue M&Ms... cute, huh????

I also made him this cute shirt to wear for the night - gotta love Photoshop, printable iron-on sheets and plain white Hanes T-shirts!

Too cute.. right???

I'm so thankful to my family and a dear friend who helped - my sister-in-law brought a pot of soup, my step-mom ordered a fruit tray and a veggie tray, and my girlfriend brought a tray of sandwiches. So all I had to do was make a giant pot of beef stew (one of hubby's favourites), do the cupcakes and cake, beverages and bring a few bags of bread rolls and some margarine!

To top everything off, we also made him a Candy Bouquet featuring British chocolates (think Cadbury!) as well as a huge movie/slide-show of photos of him from as young as two! In all, I scanned well over 125 photos and then input them into iMovie! (But I'll leave those two things to share with you on another day!!!)

In all, we had a great time and think everything turned out perfect - I know my hubby was pleased with all the hard work and warm birthday wishes he received!

Thanks so much for having a look!

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