Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Our family will be participating in the Happy Family Movement Summer Bucket List Challenge!

While we still have a few weeks of school left, it was time to start making some plans. We've created this bucket list of things we'd like to do. To make it easier, I've divided them into three groups - things we can do at home, things we can do when we're out and about, and, because we're traveling to visit family in New York and New Jersey, things to do in NYC/NJ.

I haven't decided yet, but I may take this list and put each item on individual pegs or on the fridge, or something fun and creative, other than just a list to check off. Still some time to figure that out! But here we go:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer is a comin'!

It is so hard to believe that this school year is just about over.

While I know some of you will be finishing even sooner, for us in Bermuda, we are only about five weeks from the last day of school. And this year will be quite momentous, as my oldest munchkin 'graduates' from primary school. Yup, that means off to middle school in the fall!

We are already starting to make plans for our two-month break. The very first week, we'll be participating in Vacation Bible School at our church. The curriculum this year is Answers VBS "Kingdom Chronicles" (Answers in Genesis), which has a medieval, knights in shining armour theme. The kids, of course, will be in classes, and I'm helping with administration this year - IN costume, thanks to a friend who is a closet Renaissance geek!

After that, we'll all, hopefully, be heading to the NYC-NJ area to see family and attend a mini family reunion and celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday. My mom and step-dad will be traveling over from Australia, and my two sons will get to meet my brother's three children for the very first time. EXCITING!

So that is most of July planned, but then comes August... what to do then?

Thankfully, my oldest did win a week of camp at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute for his good grades last year, so he'll get to go dissect sharks for a week, but there are still another five weeks or so to fill for him, six for his younger brother.

What is a mom to do? Well, we're seeking a lot of Internet inspiration this year, and I've found a few great sources this year.

The first is the Happy Family Movement 2013 Summer Bucket List

This summer-long challenge begins TODAY and promises to help families enjoy their summer holidays while enriching ties. Oh, and did I mention that there's a chance to win stuff, too?

They also have a Facebook group you can join: 2013 Summer Bucket List

The second is a way to keep a record of all those awesome memories you're going to create as a family this year, thanks to Ziggle Designs' The List.

While this is a digital scrapbooking kit, it is set up so it you can easily print the pieces off yourself and use in a Snap! or Project Life binder, or even get them printed somewhere, like at Persnickety Prints.

The third item I've found to help provide some planning and ideas is the 100 Days of Summertime 2013 eBook, by

The book is only $5, but you could also get a chance of winning it for free if you participate in their Giveaway - going on right now! - by following the instructions HERE.

The last item, which we used a little bit of last year, is The Confident Mom's Summer Survival Calendar.

This eBook is fully interactive and provides you with four months of calendars, ideas and worksheets to help you make your summer awesome!